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Document signing is expensive and inconvenient. As a business person, your time is valuable. You can’t always be available for clients to sign documents, and scheduling appointments with a notary public can be difficult.
Shipitoday readies and notarizes documents so you can get them signed at your convenience in as few as 30 minutes. Our mobile notary service delivers the convenience of having a Notary Public on-demand wherever you are, eliminating inconvenient trips to government offices.

Public & Mobile Notary

Problems We Solve

Shipitoday is your solution to all your document signing needs. We provide a safe, secure, and cost-effective way to execute your documents electronically. Avoid delays in shipping physical copies of documents and reduce human error by having documents signed electronically.

  • Time: Save valuable time by avoiding shipping delays.
  • Errors: Reduces errors by having documents signed electronically. Helping eliminate lost revenue opportunities in addition to improving customer satisfaction.
  • Cost: Costs less than other on-demand services like delivery services or document execution.

We offer Signing, Notarization, and Witnessing

We offer witnessing, notarization, and signature services for all your important documents.
We are available for in-person and remote signings.
Our experienced notaries are reliable, professional, and available when you need them.

Documents we commonly notarize

Signing and notarizing documents is a part of life. Whether you’re closing on your home, getting married, establishing guardianship for your child, or creating an estate plan for your family, we can notarize almost any document.

Here are some of the most common documents we notarize:

  Medical Releases Forms
  OCI Application (Minors and Adults)


Come See Us When You Need Notary Service For:

  •   School Permission Slips
  •   Power of Attorney
  •   Legal Documents
  •   Medical Release Forms
  •   Real Estate Documents
  •   Child ID Kits
  •   Car Title Transfers
Don’t forget, here at Shipitoday we are packaging and shipping experts — bring us your delicate, valuable, time-sensitive and sentimental items. We have shipping boxes for virtually anything, and we’ll pack it with TLC to make sure it arrives in perfect condition. 

When It Comes To Shipping Via Notary Public / Mobile Notary In Ashburn, VA.

shipitoday Is Your Go-To Source For Shipping...


Attests documents and certifies their due execution for use worldwide.


Prepares and certifies powers of attorney, wills, deeds, contracts and other legal documents for use worldwide.


Attests documents and certifies their due execution for use worldwide.


Witnesses signatures to affidavits, statutory declarations, powers of attorney, contracts, and other documents, for use worldwide.


Take affidavits and statutory declarations


Exemplifies official documents for use internationally


Certifies copy documents for use worldwide


Notes and protests bills of exchange


Take acknowledgments of deeds and other conveyances, protest notes and bills of exchange


Prepare marine or ship’s protests in cases of damage and perform certain other official acts depending on the jurisdiction

Clear your doubts about our Notary Public & Mobile Notary services

Thank you for supporting a woman-owned small business! Feel free to contact us or send us an email at with any questions you may have; we’d be happy to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

A notary public is an official person designated by the state to authenticate signatures and documents. For example, if you are buying or selling real estate and need to sign a deed, the deed will generally need to be notarized. provides a convenient way to get documents notarized at your place of business, home, or any location that is convenient for you. You can have a document notarized even at your place of work. provides the convenience of having documents signed and notarized within Ashburn, VA.

A notary public can notarize documents involving real estate sales, title insurance, affidavits, powers-of-attorney, deeds, and many others. Business documents requiring a notary include contracts and agreements between parties; corporate minutes and resolutions; stock certificates; promissory notes; business licenses; and secured transaction records.

Personal documents that commonly need to be notarized include wills and living trusts, quitclaim deeds to transfer property between family members. It also includes authorizations for children to travel with adults who are not their parents or guardians, applications for passports and driver’s licenses, motor vehicle titles and registrations, school records, and many other documents.

The cost for having a mobile notary public come to you depends on several factors, including the number of signatures that need to be verified, travel time required, availability (day vs. night), and others. Please get in touch with us for an exact quote today!

Most documents can be handled in just a few minutes. The amount of time depends on the number of documents that need to be notarized, and whether they have been filled out correctly ahead of time.

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